Motivation to Move!

LusioMATE brings back the fun to rehab and movement exercises for Children 4 - 12 years old. Give them LusioMATE this Christmas and experience a renewed commitment to hitting their goals. 

This Christmas Give The Gift of Fun!

This Christmas we are aiming to help 50 Families to embrace our technology that enhances rehabilitation and habilitation through fun, creativity and technology.

Get a LusioMATE in time for Christmas with One payment of $297 today, and monthly payments of $99 starting 3 months from the date of purchase.

Our Mission is to help 10,000 people by 2023 find "Freedom Through Movement".

*Tablet not included

What is LusioMATE

LusioMATE is a wearable gaming device (controller) and gaming platform that motivates kids to do their rehabilitation or habilitation in a fun and engaging way.

This motivation to play video games enables them to reach their rehabilitation or habilitation goals. LusioMATE is designed to be played at home, on the go or in a clinic on almost any device from anywhere in the World.  

Families using LusioMATE

The LusioMATE home version is designed for in-home family use as well as small to medium-sized clinics.  

Included in your subscription, you will receive the all-important LusioMATE device kit and access to the gaming platform and dashboard.  

We also provide access to the dashboard for your clinicians, so your Occupational Therapist or Physiotherapist will be able to log in, create new prescriptions and monitor your progress from anywhere in the World.

How we make it happen

Lusio provides an ecosystem of a wearable device, therapy gaming platform and a clinician dashboard. LusioMATE is made for players of almost any level of mobility and for any part of the body as well as any current equipment you may be using. It connects to most smart TVs and TV boxes as well as all Android and iOS devices. LusioMATE enables players to play games designed to stimulate, engage and create motivation for movement.

What's Included in your LusioMATE Subscription?

LusioMATE Device Kit 

  • 2 x Wireless LusioMATE motion sensors (device)
  • Charging Cable and various size straps for almost anywhere on the body
  • Full product warranty (see terms)  

Access to the Gaming Platform 

  • 13 existing games(As of Nov, '18) - plus we are releasing ONE new game every week! 
  • iPhone, iPad, Apple TV 
  • Android phone, tablet, Smart TV and set-top box

Access to the Lusio dashboard

  •  3 client accounts per subscription
  • Create Prescription Gaming™ and monitor progress
  •  Parent & Clinician goal setting and tracking  

LusioMATE has the tick

Frequently Asked Questions

Does NDIS cover the LusioMATE cost?  

Yes, LusioMATE is an NDIS approved product and you can claim using our NDIS provider ID: 4050 026 071  

How can my physio or OT help me use LusioMATE?  

Your clinicians can have access to the Lusio dashboard, create prescriptions and check your progress from anywhere in the World.  

Can I play games without any prescription?  

Yes, there is default play that works with any movement accros all of our games. (please note you can create your own, unlimited prescriptions)

Are there any other games to play?  

The current version has 13 games (As of Nov, '18), but we have many games in development, multiplayer is also on its way. We are releasing 1 Game per week starting November 2018

Can others in the family use the LusioMATE?

Yes! They can play, which can create an inclusive and exciting games night opportunity for the whole family to have fun with!

How can I get help if I have any difficulties using LusioMATE?  

Yes. Contact: for any requests.